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Apartments in Moscow

Metro: Filyovsky Park Adress: Zemlyanoy Val Ul., building 41/1 Rooms: 2 Sleeping Berths: 2+2
from 4 050 rub.
Metro: Paveletskaya Adress: 5th Monetchikovsky per., 13 Rooms: 2 Sleeping Berths: 2+2+2
from 5 850 rub.
Metro: Konkovo Adress: Krasnoprudnaya Ul., building 30/34 Rooms: 1 Sleeping Berths: 2+1+1
from 3 960 rub.

Apartments in Tula

Adress: Krasnoarmeisky Pr.building 1 Rooms: 1 Sleeping Berths: 4
from 1 980 rub.
from 2 700 rub.
Adress: Soifer building 7 Rooms: 1 Sleeping Berths: 2
from 1 530 rub.

Apartments in Podolsk

Adress: Armeisky Pr., bld. 3 Rooms: 3 Sleeping Berths: 6
from 3 060 rub.
Adress: Armeisky Pr., bld. 3 Rooms: 3 Sleeping Berths: 6
from 3400 rub.
Adress: Liteynaya Ul, Рґ.10 Rooms: 1 Sleeping Berths: 4
from 2300 rub.

Aparments for daily rent in Moscow

The capital is always crowded with visitors who have arrived here on business or just as tourists. Booking apartments for a day in Moscow is often the best option for such people as it requires less funds than the hotel. The price of the rent is lower but this is not the only advantage: these apartments have very homely atmosphere in comparison with the cold walls of hotel rooms. 

Booking an apartment of any rate and class online is easier and saves time but you will have to make a prepayment or else another customer may book it. Finding a place to stay in a new city on your own is not worth trying because it usually ends up in money loss and in other negative consequences. We will help you to avoid them all and will find the option that will suit you in price and comfort.