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Renting an apartment for a day – map search services

In case when you come to Moscow for a short period of time, you might not want to stay in a hotel. For some people it  is just not affordable, others are trying to find a place where one can feel as private and comfortable as possible. Therefore, rental apartments are in great demand in Moscow nowadays.

You can quickly find the most attractive option for rent using the special map of our company Inndays. Its user-friendly functionality allows you to quickly choose an apartment in any district of Moscow. You only need to add to the corresponding graphs the number of rooms, the desired price, and maybe the name of the subway station. The instant you filled in the form the photos of the apartment will appear on the screen. This map search is constantly updated and demonstrates currently offered apartments in all parts of the capital.

For those who need a short term rental apartment, Moscow offers plenty of places. However, not everyone who intends to take it is good at orientating in the capital and is able to immediately identify which of its areas it will be more convenient to stay in. Our map provides an excellent opportunity to find an answer to this question and to find the most comfortable apartment in the most appropriate place for work or leisure.