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Apartments and Subway Stations in Moscow

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Search for rental apartments by subway stations in Moscow

There are always a lot of people who need to rent an apartment for a night in Moscow. Some people are looking for such a place to relax in it, others rent it while being on a business trip to Moscow, others come to Moscow and want to stay in a place that is just like home and close to this warm atmosphere. And some people, well, they just want to save the money that they could spend on a rental apartment in the most beautiful and biggest city of Russia.

All this huge number of people, who need an apartment for a day, are offered a set of rental housing options. However, most of the tenants want the apartments to be located near certain subway stations. The subway map on our web site allows you to find an apartment which is near this or that station without any extra efforts. For this purpose it is enough to just enter the name of the station, the estimated cost of the apartment and the number of rooms into the corresponding columns. Right away on the map will appear addresses of the avaliable apartments which are actual and solid. It is a very convenient way to quickly choose the place of residence from where it is possible to reach your work place or some town that is attractive to you in practically no time.